Python for Behavioral Scientist

Course Aims: This course is designed for undergraduate and graduate students and behavioral scientists, who hope to improve their research skills, such as read and write files, statistics, graphing, and experiment implementation. This course also suits students who specialize in computer science or students who have not had any programming language but wish to learn programming easily.

Course Requirements: This course does not require any previous programming experience. Python is very close to natural language. But if you have programming experience with any programming language, that would be even better.
1. Have a computer with Internet access;
2. Know how to type in a computer;
3. Passion to work in an efficient way.

Course  Syllabus is available at

Instructor : Jibo He, Ph.D.
Title: Assistant Professor of Psychology
Director: Human Automation Interaction Laboratory
Education: University of Illinois, Ph.D., 2012

Research Interests: Driver Distraction, Driver Fatigue, Eye Movement, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Vision, Usability

Instructor website: http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=psychology&p=/people/faculty/he/